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In Funtana and its surroundings there are several hundreds of different cafes, pizzerias, grill terraces, taverns and fancy restaurants. They offer international cuisine, but also special Istrian local dishes such as: minestrone, ombolo (specially prepared and grilled pork), prsut (smoked ham), sheep cheese, home made sausages with sour kraut and other. Tasty bite of sea food can be also found in any of the numberless restaurants in Funtana.

You must know what to drink, too. In time a tradition has been set of what to drink with certain types of food. Every good sort of Istrian wine goes perfectly with a particular dish. Cabemet agrees to a sheep cheese. Refosk will be served with smoked ham. The food called manestra will ask for malvazija. Merlot goes perfectly with cheese and grilled ombolo. After prsut (smoked ham) and after grilled Istrian sausages you will need Teran.